Thai Tempo March 2015

Technology and Proactive New Believers!


Mr. & Mrs. Toh accepted Christ at New Life Srinakarin Christmas dinner on 21 December 2014! On their own they began reading their e-Bibles on their mobile phones as we had to leave the next day. Wow, praise God! Technology and proactive believers! They also began to pray for the impossible: would God give opportunity to Mr. Toh to get a day off work to take care of some important business? Yes! Mr. Toh’s leave was miraculously approved. And, would God help Mr. Toh to locate a mysteriously “lost” back-null support belt? He needed to return it to his employer before he moved on to other work. Miraculously, on the last day of work at that place, the belt was returned and the culprit confessed he had taken it! With exuberant joy, Mr. & Mrs. Toh are beginning to see that God is indeed real and He hears the prayers of those who diligently seek Him. We were very encouraged by the simple faith and obedience of this couple. (Derric & Pauline Song, Oasis Outreach Center, Bangkok)

Please pray
– For Mr. & Mrs. Toh to keep growing in their faith as they attend cell group, study their e-Bibles, watch testimonies on YouTube and share Bible stories with others.
– As they prepare for baptism.
– They will sense the leading of the Lord as they seek His will for their lives. Currently, Mr. & Mrs. Toh are faced with the decision whether to return to their hometown province in Sisaket where their parents have been inviting them to start a small business and that a house is waiting for them there.

Answered Prayer – a New Experience for Pawn!

Pawn, a friend of christians Suri & Silas, was house and dog-sitting at their home for a few months. They had been gone only 10 days, when the dog, Silvie, gave birth to 9 puppies! One day, Silvie was sick, vomited,wouldn’t let the puppies feed, was lying down and had no energy. Pawn was very worried. So, we prayed for Sylvie . As soon as we said, “Amen,” Silvie jumped up, went into the kennel with the puppies, then came out and ran around. Pawn said, “It’s amiracle!” The next day Silvie came running energetically to greet us. She was eating well and feeding her puppies again. We praised God with Pawn, who is not a Christian! (Kim & Mary Robertson, church planting, Donjedi, Central Thailand)

Please pray
– For Pawn to learn more about this miraculous God and be drawn to Him.
– For God to touch and heal Suri’s sister who is very ill in both heart & body, and with whom the Robertsons & Suri have prayed, that she and all the family would also be drawn to God.

New opportunities Between Thailand and Switzerland

Mrs. Muay wants to know who God is. I visited her and her family once a week, if possible, and took her and her two grandsons to church on Sundays in Khonkaen, Isaan. Mrs.Muay’s daughter, Pitsamai, lives in Switzerland. She became a Christian about half a year ago. I was contacted by a German lady who works with Thai women in Switzerland and asked if I would be willing to give my phone number, so that Pitsamai could get in touch with me. We met up and she introduced me to her family. She would love for them to know Christ, too. I am currently on Home Assignment in Switzerland, and it just so happens that they only live about 8km from my apartment! (Christina Sutter, Nampu-Fountain Ministry to Women)

Please pray
– For Mrs. Muay, Pitsamai and the whole family to come to know Christ.
– For the Thai in diaspora in Europe, England, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the USA, to meet Christ and bring the Good News of Jesus back to Thailand upon their return.

Church – a new experience for 70 Students

What do Christians do in church on Sundays? Most of the members of the Christian Club at a university in Nakhonsawan have no idea – 70 out of 90 members are not Christians! So, the Christian Club committee members organized an activity where club members had to go to church to attend a special worship service. They were welcome to bring anyone along. It was a wonderful opportunity not just to teach these 70 students about what Christians do on Sundays, but to share the gospel message with them. Many of these students expressed an interest to know more. We rejoiced greatly when Gae and her aunt Jiap asked to speak with the pastor and prayed to receive Christ! The next day they came to church on their own! (Michele Goh, Khemthit student ministry, Central Thailand)

Please pray
– For Gae and Jiap to grow in their new faith.
– For follow-up of the students who expressed interest to know more.
– That the gospel seed would produce fruit on this university campus.

New Open Door for Cross-Border Training

When the J.O.Fraser Centre (JOFC) opened 7 years ago, the majority of students were Lisu from across the border. There were hardly any students from Thailand. However, it became more and more difficult getting ID cards or visas, to the point where this year we could not accept anyone from outside of Thailand. The staff at JOFC searched intently and prayed for many years for a way to enable students from across the border to study here. However, no way could be found… until last month. Mr.Winai reconnected with a local Thai pastor whom he knew from the days when he was in the Thai army. This pastor introduced us to his sister, who was happy to provide visas for our students through her foundation! What an amazing way in which God has answered our prayers and opened a door which seemed so tightly closed. We could never have imagined that we would find a foundation to provide visas for students right here in Chiangdao! This way of obtaining visas is much easier, cheaper and simpler than the ways we have used in the past. It provides help for the foundation and the local church, as well as an opportunity for training students. (Richard & Lisa Cho, J.O.Fraser Centre, North Thailand)

Please pray
– That this will be the beginning of a great partnership.
– That they will follow in the footsteps of the first Lisu students, and that they will spread what they have learned at JOFC across the region, including to the unreached areas of Thailand.

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