Thai Tempo June – July 2018


A new start

Recently two local churches invited a medical team, Barbara and me to an outreach in Takhro, a remote village in NakhonSawan province. It has more than four thousand households in total. That morning we were told that there are three Christians living in the middle of the village and whether we would visit them. Relatives from the Southeast had introduced Jesus to them.

So far this family had no regular fellowship with other Christians. But said they would be happy to open their house for a cell group. And while we were there, a relative called and said that they want to give land for a church…

After the visit I sat next to the local administration with 6-8 men and talked about various things concerning their everyday lives, when suddenly one of the men said: “I can see that you are a kindhearted person and that what you say is true.” From then on the conversation took a new course as I started sharing with them what changed my life.

Emanuel&Barbara Zwygart, NakhonSawan

Pray for :

  • The Christians in Takhro to grow in faith, make disciples and get into fellowship with other Christians.
  • The people of Takhro to get to know God as their Creator, Saviour and Lord.
  • A cellgroup and church to be established in that village that would be a blessing to many people in that area.
  • The outreach July 17th when the Sattha Soccer team will visit Takhro.

People in “churchless areas” like this to hear about God from relatives, radio, TV or tracts.


Trapped in darkness

The world breathed a sigh of relief when the news came that the Thai soccer team members who had been trapped for 9 days in a cave near the golden triangle had been found. I immediately thought of the Thai who are trapped in a cave of dark beliefs and practices which have kept them entombed for centuries. The population of Thailand presently numbers 69 million. Who will be willing to leave their comfortable surroundings to make the effort and count the cost of going into the pit to pull them out?



Larry Dinkins, ChiangMai

Pray for

  • praise God that the soccer team has been found and brought to safety.
  • Thai people living in spiritual darkness to hear and understand about God the Creator and Savior.
  • People – Thai Christians as well as missionaries from abroad – being willing to go to places in Thailand where Jesus is not known yet.


Open the eyes of the heart, Lord

Some Christians try to find out Satan’s detailed strategies that keep a certain area in bondage. They want to fight against these territorial spirits, name them, bind them and drive them out of the areas. I, too, believe that these spirits exist and that their influence is often greater than we think possible. But I don’t see the Bible teaching us to directly fight against them. Especially as people worship and invite spirits into their villages on a daily basis – they will certainly come back soon.

2 Corinthians 4:4 challenged me to pray in this way: “Almighty, loving father, please keep Satan from blinding the minds of the people in our slums. You love every single one of them and want each one to understand who you are. Please have mercy on them and open their eyes for your Gospel that would set them free. We can’t do that but we trust in the powerful work of your Holy Spirit in their hearts. Amen.”



Stefan & Brigitte Keller, urban poor team, Bangkok


Pray for :

  • The Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and minds of people – that Satan will not be able to keep holding people in bondage.
  • People in the slums of Bangkok to understand the Gospel, being freed from bondage and receive God’s forgiveness.
  • The urban poor team as they reach out to the people that the Lord guides them and gives them the right words at the right time.


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