Kicking off Sattha Ministry in Phachi

brooks2 years ago when we first visited Pa Mi’s neighbourhood in Phachi, people were not sure about our intentions, and most of them kept their distance. Just recently, by God’s grace, the door was opened through friendly visitation to invite Pa Mi’s neighbuorhood to participate in Sattha Soccer Ministry. The head of village (Mr. Noom) took 9 kids to join the training program.

Praise God for the contacts made and for the welcome in this neighbourhood in Phachi.

Will and Meng En Brooks, Ayutthaya

Please pray for:

  • the Lord’s clear leading for the next steps in sharing the gospel
  • Pa Mi, Mr Noom and others to respond to the good news of Jesus

Moving into Maila

bartleetOn the 27th of December we arrived in Nakhon Si Thammarat ready to move to Maila about 20 km from the main town. One setback was that there was no known house for rent. God however provided a temporary home for us in Hua Tanon, very close to the city and kindly furnished by the ministry team with all the basic essentials. Our days were filled with prayer and shopping, searching for a home, appliances and furniture.

On the final stop, Trish was looking at linen and I started talking to an American who has a Thai wife. It turned out that they live in Maila and knew of two houses that were available. Neither house was advertised for rent. The first house was not suitable. The second house is not ready to live in but the owner is busy renovating it. These are the only two houses that are available in the whole town and, in answer to prayer alone, God revealed the next part of our journey.

bartleet2Through this encounter, we as a family were reminded that God is guiding our steps through everyday events. God has a plan and we are privileged to be part of the journey. Maila is where God wants us to be and he is opening the doors. We have had the opportunity to choose the colours the house is to be painted and to give some suggestions regarding the renovation project. Lastly the family we met has a 6 year old daughter who speaks English, a friend for our daughter, Kez. God not only guides our path, but provides so much more and the exciting journey continues.

Bruce and Trish Bartleet, Nakhon Sri Thammarat

 Please pray for:

  • Good relationships for all missionaries in their first year of ministry with neighbours, giving opportunities to learn Thai language and culture
  • Faith in God’s good sovereignty to keep praying and persevering!

 Wrapping up warm in Don Chedi

robertson“Let’s cancel the group at Nong Gra So tonight. It’s so cold and I’m tired after lots of travelling,” Kim suggested, as we had some unusually cool weather.

I agreed, “Those old aunties don’t have much warm clothing for sitting around outside in the evening.”

Then Aunty Malai rang to say, “See you tonight.  We’ve already boiled some corn.”  OK, we went.

Praise the Lord we did!

Aunty Malai’s grand-daughter, Gai, (33 years old) joined the group for the first time. She said, “I went to a Christmas celebration that my workmate invited me to and I’m ready to pray to receive Jesus tonight.”  Pray that Gai would become established in Christ and many more of Aunty Malai’s family would also come to faith in Jesus.

 Kim and Mary Robertson, Suphanburi

 Please pray for:

  • Gai to become established in Christ as a true disciple
  • Many more of Aunty Malai’s family to also come to faith in Jesus. For Gai’s parents: Thanna and In, her husband, Mee and her sons, Bart and Ball.


 Celebrating new life in Baan Dong Suan

haechtonBaan Dong Suan is a mountain village in Kham Muang district with a few believers who gather each Sunday evening. They are a joyful group and lives are being powerfully transformed by the gospel.  On December 19th, I visited with Pastor Sukent and taught the group about baptism.  Six people decided to publicly express their faith in Jesus Christ.

Praise God for the good news of Jesus bringing new life and going forth in this village.

Jared and Stacy Haechton, Kalasin

Please pray for:

  • The six newly baptised believers in Baan Dong Suan to stand firm against any attacks of the evil one
  • Follow up visits to teach these precious ones to obey all that Jesus has commanded.
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