Thai Tempo January 2015

Christmas Market Outreach


With the help of local Christians, missionaries, and a short-term team, we set up in the market for games, a nativity play, singing and gift giving. Then the rain started to fall! We prayed fervently for God to move the dark clouds along, and asked everyone helping to pray the same. And guess what? The rain literally stopped as we began our outreach! Not only that, we shared about Christmas right in front of a temple and a large idol. Then, the rain returned right after we were done! (David & Lila Chang, Church-planting, South Thailand)

Please pray
– The seed of the gospel message may be planted in the hearts of all who attended outreaches like this throughout the country.
– Strength, guidance & wisdom for church workers & missionaries at this critical time of follow-up.


Christmas Cookies for a Neighbourhood


With joyful spirits, we made Christmas cookies as gifts for our community: fun & teamwork to accomplish our big project of about 700 cookies in packets, along with social media outreach cards. On December21st we began by singing Christmas carols. Most in the neighbourhood showed us their kindness by turning off the blasted music in their drinking circles. They came to listen and even took photos of this new phenomenal sight! We prayed openly and publicly. It seemed that neighbours were filled with great joy as we ushered the peace and presence of God into their households. Samaritan’s Purse Shoeboxes arrived just in time to distribute to children. Later, most of our contacts attended the Christmas event in our church. It was great opportunity for them to mingle with more Christians. (Derric & Pauline Song, church-planting, Bangkok)

Please pray
– The new believer as a result of this Christmas Outreach to grow in faith and be a catalyst for others to decide to follow Christ.
– Good discipleship for this new believer, and hundreds (thousands?) of others throughout Thailand who responded to the gospel message.


Tracts for Christmas

Gina left Thailand in 2012 to be an exchange student in America. Fifteen years old and a Thai Buddhist, Gina had never seen a Bible, was puzzled by the nativity scene, and had never heard the Christmas story. Her Christian host family taught her Bible stories, told her about Jesus, prayed & fasted for, and rallied urgent prayer support from many others. Gina struggled to understand and believe. Miraculously, two weeks before leaving the US, Gina accepted Christ. The glow on her face said it all! She said she felt “new!” Two days before leaving, she was baptized and even wanted to give a brief testimony before hundreds of people at church.

Gina returned to Thailand with a gospel witness in her heart. For Christmas 2013 & 2014, Gina surprised her friends at her Thai boarding school with stockings and gift bags of trinkets & sweets, but most importantly, with tracts from Kanok Banasan (OMF Publishers). Meanwhile, women in the church of her host family were praying for each girl who would receive these gifts. Though it was Christmas, the students at this Buddhist school had exams and no time off. But, they awoke to their surprises and enjoyed the toys and candy they received. Gathering the girls together, Gina read a tract to them so they could hear the true meaning of Christmas. (Kim Johnson, who receives the Thai Tempo & reaches out from overseas)

Please pray
– For Gina to remain strong as the only believer in her family and her school.
– For the salvation of Gina’s family.
– For a gospel seed to be planted in the hearts of Gina’s friends and for them to eventually come to faith in Christ.


Children’s Day – Another Special Occasion for Outreach!


In Thailand, International Children’s Day is almost as big as Christmas! Businesses and community groups arrange fun activities (involving lots of prizes and junk food), and parents race their children around to the different venues so they can enjoy a morning of party after party. This year, our neighbourhood leader decided to coordinate a community event and gave us permission to run a booth. We set up a coin toss game, as well as face painting, and found ourselves busy all morning long! Our prizes involved candy and small storybooks about Jesus or other biblical characters.

Please pray
– That these story books will be read and the gospel seed planted in hearts.
– As missionaries & Thai Christians take opportunities at festivals, holidays, birthdays to tell about Jesus, that seeking hearts would hear the deeper message in the midst of fun & food.

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