Thai Tempo February 2017


Sunday dilemma…
go to church or help a neighbour move house??

A few weeks ago as we set off for church one Sunday morning, we noticed that our neighbours were moving their house and restaurant from next door to us to across the road from us. As we drove off I wondered aloud whether it might be better to stay at home and help our neighbours move, rather than go to church? 1We discussed what we thought would be best, with our children strongly advocating for staying at home. Not even 5 minutes into the journey we turned aroundt o help our neighbours. Bruce helped, as most of the moving was carrying tables, chairs, salas (gazebos), etc. in the pouring rain.


We are so grateful that we chose to return and help our neighbours. Since then our relationship with them has changed. If we go to their restaurant for lunch, they will often now chat to us and sit with us while we eat. Many times since then we have been invited to just go and sit and chat to them. We have even had opportunities to share about how we don’t need to make merit, because we have Jesus.

A simple act of neighbourly kindness has helped deepen this relationship.

Bruce&Trish Bartleet, Mai Laa , Nakhon Sri Thammaraat


Please Pray:

  • Thank God for His leading in this situation and for the deepened relationship that came out of it.
  • For open doors into the wider neighbourhood as well and opportunities to share about Jesus.

For the people of all neighbourhoods in Thailand that have missionaries or Thai Christians living in them – may the Christians be a blessing to the ones who don’t know Jesus yet – in words and in deeds


“Reading the Bible has made a difference in how I do business.”

We sat talking with Mr. Wichai who is a financially successful businessman and father of four. He became a Christian four years ago. A driven and hardworking man, he puts in long days and long weeks.

2He and his family began attending our church just over a year ago. Until recently, their attendance has been sporadic, but a few months ago, we noticed they seemed to be coming more regularly.

“My job is so hard now that I am a Christian. I have to make decisions about employees, and I now realize that I have to consider their lives, too, and not just the amount of my profit…”

(Bekah has the joy of teaching Sunday School to Wichai’s two daughters and the girls will often come over to Farber’s house to play on Sunday afternoons after church.)

Brian & Bekah Farber, Ayuthayaa

Please Pray :

  • For this family’s continued spiritual growth.
  • For Christian business men and women in Thailand that they will allow God not only to lead their personal lives but their businesses too and that they would be a blessing for their employees

“Turning point”
It was about 14 months ago when I got to know the owner of a key-shop in the Old Market of TakuaPaa. I had moved to this town three months prior to meeting this man.

When talking to him he asked straight away, whether I could teach him the Bible. Initially I hesitated because it is culturally not really acceptable for a 3woman to meet a man. For the first meeting I found a young man who joined me. Then I was encouraged by the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at Jacob’s well. This meeting is full of culturally inappropriate behaviour, but great blessings for the whole village came out of that.

The shop owner was very excited to learn who GOD is. He had never heard of Him before. I taught him Biblical stories in chronological order to let him see that God is the creator and thus owner of everything including our lives. That sin entered the world and cut us off from God and only Jesus can reconcile us with God.

In October after the occult vegetarian festival the key-shop owner didn’t feel well. I went to pray for him. He promised, that if he should feel better he would come with me to a Thai believers’ conference. He obviously felt better but instead of joining the Christian gathering he chose to go and live at his sister’s in HaadYai, a city several hundred kilometers away.

I sense he understood that he needs to change his life and start following Jesus, but is not yet bold enough to do so and chose to run away. In December I met the key-shop owner’s wife who told me that her husband isn’t any longer in Haad Yai but went to stay with somebody in Nakhon Sri Thammaraat.


Elke Hain, Takua Pa, Phanga


Please Pray :

  • For this man to meet Christians in the new place that he is living (or reads tracts, or listens to radio programmes etc.)
  • For this man to see God’s goodness and turn to Him.
  • As stories like this happen all over Thailand pray for people who have heard the gospel, even grasped it but are not ready yet to follow Jesus – might they see the “pearl”, the richness they would gain in trusting God and start following Him.

For Thai Christians and missionaries as they sow the seed, see people respond to a certain extend and then having to let them go if they don’t want to follow on God’s path – pray that they would not be discouraged but carry on sowing the seed.

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