God’s gift

It is good to give thanks again that God sent his son to earth. Jesus had to come because we need a Saviour. There is so much evil, sin, corruption and strife in the world and all of us can think of things we’ve thought or done over the last year of which we are not proud and which have not pleased God. Jesus demonstrated holiness and goodness, compassion, wisdom and self-control, mercy and discipline… I’m looking forward to living with all God’s redeemed people in the new heavens and new earth.

Julia Birkett, Lopburi

Pray for :

  • All the churches that their Christmas celebrations will convey the joy of the gift we have received in Jesus.
  • Visitors to be seeking like the magi and find the King.
  • Believers to rejoice like the angels.


More than just language

Kelly’s next language study module is in need of spiritual victory. She signed up to study an evangelistic booklet (written by a former Buddhist to a Buddhist audience), but ever since she got a number of friends to commit to reading it with her, each one of them has encountered various situations in their lives that have made it very difficult to arrange times to meet. May all attempts of the enemy to thwart the going forth of the truth of the Lord be brought to nothing.

Peter&Kelly Passchier, Lampang

Pray for

  • The friends to find time studying the booklet – helping Kelly in language study and at the same time hear the Gospel.
  • Good, deep conversations about the topics in the book.
  • missionaries to learning the language and at the same time also the Thai worldview and how to communicate the Gospel in a way that it will be understood.
  • all missionaries still in language study to persevere, find time (besides ministry, family, homeschooling…) and good language helpers


From ear to heart…takes time


Last Sunday, Grandpa Lie came to church. Quite special, because when we met him five years ago, he wasn’t interested in the Christian faith. In the past six months though, Brother Pon has often spoken with Grandpa Lie. Brother Pon has prayed a lot for and recently also with Grandpa Lie. Grandpa Lie started to read the Bible himself and last week asked for brochures that explain the gospel so that he could distribute them. He was very impressed with the care of the Lord Jesus for him.
We hope to start a Bible study group in his house over the next weeks. He indicated that his son-in-law and daughter want to be part of this.

Sijmen&Annelies den Hartog, Manchakhiri, KhonKaen Province

Pray for :

  • Grandpa Lie and his family to grow in understanding of and love for the Lord.
  • Brother Pon and sister Djoom who will lead this Bible study group.
  • the new Bible study group to be a blessing for the neighbourhood too.
  • the people living in Manchakhiri (about 71,000) to hear the Gospel and to come to faith (presently about 0,028% are Christians)


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