Thai Tempo August/September 2017

The presence of God

With “Show us your glory” as a motto for our annual OMF Thailand conference, we looked at the life of Moses who chose to live in the presence of God rather than just receiving blessings that God gives. He had rather stayed in the desert with God than go to the promised land without Him (Ex 33:15). We were encouraged to seek and live in God’s presence whatever the circumstances – whether it is easy days or difficult ones, whether everything goes smooth or we are facing challenges.

Apart from hearing God’s word there was also time for fellowship with each other. Time to talk and listen, to rejoice and weep, time to strengthen the bond with each other.

Renate Kohler, OMF Thailand



Pray for :

  • Thank God for an encouraging conference.
  • Thank God for the fellowship of OMF Thailand that He put us in together.
  • OMF Thailand missionaries to seek and stay in God’s presence being the first priority before any ministry.


Did Seminary Teach You About Casting Out Demons?

 This question has come up in my mind again and again as we live and minister here in Isaan. The reality is that my seminary training did not teach me much about casting out demons in our modern day. We did take time studying the ministry of Jesus Christ and the early apostles, in which casting out demons occurred fairly often. However, in most of our experience in ministry in North America, we were not exposed to, or at least not aware of, the reality of demon oppression.

Contrast this to our current context in rural Thailand, where we frequently hear of the fear of demons oppressing and possessing people. We find that although we have little experience in this, that there is a real need for us to study the Scriptures on this topic with new Christians, in order to prepare them to stand firm on the truth and under the protection of our mighty Jesus Christ.


Jared & Stacy Haechton, Kham Muang, Kalasin Province


Pray for

  • Missionaries to be sensitive to the Lord’s guidance, especially in dealing with situations that are new to them.
  • People being oppressed by demons to be set free.
  • Christians to be set completely free from (often unknown) bondages that are still there from Buddhist or Animistic rituals in the past.
  • Church members, leaders and missionaries for continued growth, understanding and boldness in presenting Jesus Christ with those who feel oppressed by spirits



Building project Lopburi

    Over the past months the new Daniel Training building has been “growing”. Despite some difficulties along the way the project is coming along well. We are glad about some practical help from a team from New Zealand supporting the project for three weeks. From the beginning of next year onward new missionaries will take their first steps of learning Thai language and culture in this building

Ben Kong, Rebecca Penrose, Lopburi

Pray for :

  • Praise God for safety – so far no accident.
  • Praise God for the team from New Zealand and pray for their adjusting to the working in the heat.
  • continued good communication within the project team as well as with the contractor and the workers on site.
  • continued safety for the builders and opportunities to share the Gospel with them too.
  • the remaining funds that are still needed.


Gospel in Action

We are so thankful for this year’s Sattha football team – the largest team ever and also our most mature group who really took ownership of the ministry. It was a wonderful blessing to see God at work among the team members, challenging them to see the great spiritual need in Thailand, and encouraging them that their short-term service can have a great impact with lasting fruit that others can follow up on.

There was a great openness to share the Gospel in almost every school and community we went to – thousands of school kids heard the Gospel, most often through personal testimonies at the end of each classroom session. We rejoice in many people showing interest and several becoming connected with the local church in their area. One pastor we are always blessed to partner with is Pastor Pairot. He took us into two areas with no church, where he is planning to place young people whom he is training as new leaders for these areas. It was wonderful to be able to go in with them and make connections with people who we pray will be open to the Gospel.

Chris&Sarah Keiller, LaatYaaw, NakhonSawan province


Pray for :

  • All the students who heard the Gospel.
  • the local churches, that they would keep sowing the Gospel and have perseverance in following up.
  • the young people who came on the Sattha team that they are attentive to God’s leading in their lives.
  • the work of Sattha Soccer outreach to grow and be a platform of reaching young men throughout the year (not only through the Sattha Tour every July)
  • the two places in Nakhon Sawan province without a church: for open doors for the Gospel and churches to be established.
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