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Unfinished! This word challenged both Trish and I as we watched a video that was made by a short-term team from Sydney that partnered with us during our Christmas outreach ministry. At the end of the 2 weeks each person was asked to use one word to summarize their experience during this time of ministry in Thailand. Examples of words used were ‘Rewarding, Experiential, Faith, Prayerful, Eye opening, Delicious (referring to the amazing food in Thailand), Humbling, Good, Fruitful, Hope, Blessing, Unity, Hopeful, Exciting and Unfinished. We don’t know what the speaker’s thoughts were when they said unfinished, but for us the word reminded us that the work here in Thailand is still unfinished.

From our time spent with the team and team leader Alice, we know that she is probably feeling the same. She knows that her role in reaching the Thai is unfinished. She attends a church that partners with missionaries who work in Thailand and she is part of a group that meets regularly to pray for Thailand. We thank God for this team and the many who partner with us to see the Thai reached for Jesus. With your prayers and partnership, we hope to one day see all the Thai people worshiping the living God.

Bruce&Trish Bartleet, MaiLa, NakhonSriThammaraat Province

Pray for :

  • praise God for teams and individuals coming to Thailand for short periods of time to support longterm missionaries in their ministries.
  • Praise God for churches in the home countries who support OMF missionaries financially, with their prayers, and/or with sending teams.
  • Pray for missionaries living in this “task unfinished” to hear God’s voice guiding them daily to the people He has prepared and not be burnt out with the overwhelming number of people who need to hear the “Good News”

Pray for more missionaries (foreign and Thai) to join the teams and reach out to the yet unreached.


Big impact

During the past weeks many people (esp. the women) were glued to the TV on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. These nights the audience was taken into a love story in Thai history. There were beautiful Thai costumes and polite manners to be seen as well as the Thai worldview including the spirit world. When I watched a few episodes I could see both – the beauty of Thai culture but also the spirit world.

This series had a big impact throughout Thailand. It has become fashionable again to wear traditional Thai clothes. Some government officials are wearing these kind of clothes again. And also on Sundays in church there is a comeback of nice Thai style dresses, skirts and blouses. It is impressive how such a TV series can impact a country … and yes… then we ask ourselves… when will the Good News of the Lord Jesus make an impact on Thailand!

Sijmen&Annelies denHartog, Manchakhiri, KhonKaen Province

Pray for

  • Pray for the “task unfinished” – that people throughout the country living in areas with no Christian witness will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.
  • Pray for Christian radio and TV programmes to have an impact on the people listening and watching.
  • Pray for the churches and individual Christians to be salt and light in their communities and among their relatives.

Pray for open eyes, ears and hearts when people hear about the Creator God and Jesus the Saviour, that they can see and believe.


Great opportunities

On Saturday of Easter weekend we were having our regular bible study with the domestic staff of Daniel Training. There was only a small group there (two Christians and two non-Christians). We took the opportunity to look at the Easter message. The two non-Christian ladies came out with some wonderful questions that day including: “Can you be both Christian and Buddhist?” Our Christian staff members answered in a wonderful way.

Heather Simmons, Daniel Training, Lopburi


Pray for :

  • Praise God for this and other opportunities to share the good news with the staff at Daniel Training.
  • Pray for more opportunities like this and for wisdom for the missionaries and Christians among the staff to respond sensitively and appropriately.
  • Praise God for a growing understanding of and interest in the Gospel of some of the staff.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel.


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