farbersA new believer growing

Do you believe in the power of personal, specific prayer? We do.

Two years ago, our friend “Rabbit” became a Christian on Easter Sunday. We asked if supporters would like to commit to praying for Rabbit during the first year of her spiritual life as a Christian, which is often a year fraught with spiritual warfare and opposition from family and friends.

Not only has Rabbit continued in the faith, but just last month, she attended a Child Evangelism Fellowship Sunday School teacher training course with Bekah.

Brian and Bekah Farber, Ayutthaya

Please pray for:

  • Rabbit’s continued growth and perseverance as a Christian.
  • Those who attend Baan Santisook to love the Lord, read and know His Word, understand their identity in Christ and witness to family to friends.

A new church growing

CallowThe Pak Phanang Church in Nakhon Sri Thammarat (South Thailand) continues to move slowly forward. Members spent a lot of time doing evangelism at the Talamphuk Cape last year. Praise God that a big group of people from the Cape turned up for the church service one recent Sunday.

Jeff and Belinda Callow, Pak Phanang

Please pray for:

  • the church leaders, Somjai, Deht & Thip. Pray that they would lean on the Lord and take the initiative in pastoring and building up the members of the church.
  • believers at the Talamphuk Cape to receive regular teaching and fellowship, and that they would remain faithful to the Lord. Please pray that the Pak Phanang Christians would find ways to visit and encourage these folk.
  • Pak Phanang church members to attend the Short-Term Bible Study conference in Yala in June, and put into practice the Bible teaching and practical workshops about church leadership. Fritz Deininger (former OMF missionary in Thailand) is again the guest lecturer at this conference.

A new experience at camp

Each year the Central Thailand church has a youth camp and this year over 130 people attended ‘iPray’. Su and Joy are the only youth at Laat Yao church in Nakhon Sawan. They invited several of their school friends, as well as two Christian girls who sometimes come to church with their believing aunt. So off we headed with a mini-van full of teens and a very excited daughter!

We are so thankful for the steady witness of Joy and Su as they plainly shared their faith with their Buddhist friends during the camp and on the long journey home, encouraging them to pray and know God for themselves. The group chat on Facebook that they set up to organise the camp trip is now a place of sharing Bible verses and reminders of who God is!

keillersThe camp was on the theme of prayer and gave a mix of ‘up front’ teaching, interactive Bible studies, small groups, times of worship and prayer workshops with interactive stations – as well as a lot of fun and games, and free time to visit the beach – literally out the gate and across the street! We’re so thankful for the young Thai adults who invest so much in organising these camps each year.

Chris and Sarah Keiller, Laat Yao

Please pray for

  • these young women to come to know Jesus and be the next generation of intercessors!
  • Joy and Su as they share their faith and long to see their friends turn to Christ.
  • good opportunities to invite and gather them for follow up and discipleship.

A new way to be church

Yesterday we made an unscheduled trip to the church in Lamnarai. The fact that it was the final day of Thailand’s busiest holiday made us a bit hesitant. Traffic on that day is notorious. But we went. We arrived ten minutes late and found only three saints there for worship—the keen young man, Choke Chai, who lives as caretaker at the church; Hit, an elderly man who has been a church leader for decades; and Sangat, a down-to-earth man who serves as the de facto deacon of the church.

When they saw us walk in they proceeded to set up the folding chairs in a row, but we advised a circle. We conversed, prayed and sang several hymns, after which I was asked to preach. I advised a mutual sharing time. With blessing from God, Hit shared about serving Christ, Sangat about the uniqueness of the resurrection of Christ, Anne about the Holy Spirit in us as “living water”, Choke Chai about the audacity of complaining about life when God is the giver of life, and I about the grace God gives as we wait for his purposes to ripen. Edification all around!

Afterward we had a simple lunch together—Choke Chai and Anne prepared a green papaya salad to go with the fish and pepper paste Sangat had made at home. Over the meal I found opportunity to gently respond to an incorrect description of the Trinity, nod enthusiastically at Hit’s conviction that everything that happens in the world is in God’s control, and discuss the nature of Adam and Eve’s freedom to choose obedience. There was also five minutes of discussion around the table on Genesis 4. All of this was unplanned, all of it seemed beneficial. We’re glad we just did it when the thought of going to Lamnarai arose.

David and Anne Sheahan, Lopburi

Please pray for

  • God to keep his saints persevering when the church is in a period of decline
  • The Holy Spirit to bring conviction and revival in the Lamnarai and Prabaht churches
  • Clear communication with Pawn, a Thai co-worker in Wiset, as she cares for the spiritual needs of those who gather and shares Jesus with the community.
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