Thai Tempo April/May 2015

A Green-haired girl among 180 at Youth Camp in Central Thailand


“People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7
A girl with striking green hair turned her head towards me when I asked if she likes basketball. With a glow in her eyes, she answered, “Yes, I love it! Once in my life, I would like to watch a NBA game live!” It was during the ACT Youth Camp of Central Thailand when the girl with the green hair caught my attention. While she was watching some young men playing basketball, she shared with me her life story: “I lost my father when I was 12 years old. Afterwards my mother went into a new relationship. Since then I stay with my aunt. But, I have to work after school to make a living. Only three weeks ago, my mother died. Shortly before she passed away, she sold all our belongings – the fields, the house, every thing. But I believe in God. HE is now all I have.” I was very touched to also learn that she gave up her job in order to attend the Christian Camp. Yes, she has green hair. But, beneath her fashionable hair-style, there is a person who loves God even though her life is hard. Please pray for 18 year old Mook that the Lord will provide a new job for her to work after school. (Barbara Zwygart, church planting, Central Thailand)

Please pray for
– Mook, 18-years-old, to find an after school job, and to find great comfort in God.
– The young people who went to the Youth Camp to press on with the Lord despite the temptations and difficulties they face daily.
– God to shape these youth to serve Him in the Church, as many of the leaders in Central Thailand churches grew as a result of camps they attended as youth.

Adventure Camp in South Thailand – the Best One So Far


I just arrived home our latest Adventure Camp. It was the best one so far. We’ve been running them about four years now. No one has ever done anything like this –a christian youth camp– in South Thailand before, so we needed to start everything from scratch, starting small and building up the camps ever since. Our goal is to build confidence in young Thai people by helping them overcome their fears and grow in self-confidence while learning to rely on each other and on God to help them complete the adventure activities of the camp: rock climbing, abseiling, caving and kayaking. We also have found that young people are much more open to hear the gospel after an exciting day overcoming tough challenges together.

This year we had a total of 35 people on camp – more than twice the number of our last camp. There was a buzz and excitement to camp that we’ve never had before. What really made camp great this time were the eight leaders who helped with everything. They secured kids on the rock face. They stuck close to the kids through the cave section. They helped the kids put on harnesses and set them up to abseil. They paddled kayaks and played with the kids on the beach. They shared Bible stories and personal testimonies. But, best of all was hearing the groups discuss the stories about Elijah and David – and hearing the young leaders answering questions and challenging the kids during the group Bible discussion times. This, more than anything else, made Adventure Camp the best one we’ve had so far. (Jeff Callow, church planting, South Thailand)

Please pray
– The theme of the camp was Conquering Myself. Pray that the kids would grow in self-confidence and learn to rely on God’s help in order to conquer their fears and sinful desires.
– That the Bible stories and testimonies will continue to impact the kids’ lives for a long time to come.
– That the christian kids on camp will continue to move courageously ahead in their life and faith-walk with God.
– For preparations for the next camp in October.

A new Adventure Camp leader named Bill

Bill (not his real name) has been a christian for 4-5 years now. I first met him when he started coming to the church I was planting in South Thailand at the time. His christian sister had been encouraging him to go to church. He was a young teenager back then and pretty quiet, but he showed some promise, so I visited his home a few times, shared the gospel with his parents and taught the basics about how to play bass guitar. He also went on Adventure Camp a couple of years ago. He’s been away in another province for two or three years now, living with his sister and studying at the technical college there. Recently he returned back home and asked to go on Adventure Camp again. I welcomed him to come along, though since I hadn’t had a chance to catch up with him, I didn’t really know where he was with God. On the way over to Krabi on the first day of camp, he started sharing with me as we drove along in the mini-van. “Teacher, you know, I wouldn’t be a christian if it wasn’t for you. All those years ago, you taught me about God, you visited my family and you challenged me on Adventure Camp, and now I’m totally committed to following Jesus. Almost all of my family are Christians now, too. You also taught me how to play bass guitar when I had never played anything before, and now I can play bass guitar, guitar, drums and fife. I think God has given me a gift for music. So I thank you for all you’ve done for me, because it was the start of all that God’s done in my life.” Bill turned out to be a great junior leader on camp. He was enthusiastic, energetic and keen to share about God whenever he had the chance. I will continue to watch (and mentor) with joy as this young man slowly matures into a capable christian leader. (Jeff Callow, church planting, South Thailand)

Please pray
– That all members of Bill’s family will have faith in Christ and be baptised.
– Bill to seek to live God’s way his whole life.
– Adventure Camps to continue to impact young Christians and help them to be more committed to serving Him.
– Missionaries to persevere, knowing that their labor is not in vain, but will bear fruit in season.

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