Isaan is the largest region of Thailand, with the largest number of unreached districts. Yet for OMF it is the latest region where we started working. Ministry here started in 2006 after a missionary family planted a church in Bangkok and found out that most of the members were from unreached areas in Isaan.

Isaan has a strong regional identity within Thailand, and almost everybody in everyday life speaks Isaan, an unwritten language closely related to Thai. Isaan is a largely rural area, with thousands of villages surrounded by rice fields. Most Isaan do not have a church in their communities. Therefore we are focussing on planting churches in unreached districts.

Since starting the ministry in Isaan, several missions have joined hands to proclaim the Gospel in all areas of Isaan. We form one team with a shared vision, mission, and strategy and have now grown to 40 people. We support each other in ministry, but most families are living on their own in a district to plant a multiplying church together with the Isaan believers whom the Lord gives us.

This is the future we envision through the grace of God: We see God glorified in Isaan by biblical churches in all of Isaan. We see strong churches in every district town of Isaan, through itinerant ministry serving satellite churches in every subdistrict, that in their turn have house groups in every village. We see churches that  worship God using Isaan cultural forms. They are built up in the faith through careful study of the Word of God. Many of them will be led by unpaid elders. Many of the satellite churches will be house churches. We see churches that have an impact on their community through social service. We see churches that multiply.

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Are you interested in ministry in Isaan? You can learn more about our vision, mission, and strategy through downloading our ministry plan 2011-2016. You may also contact us through email or explore opportunities here.

Are you living in Isaan and want to know more about God? Study the Bible here or look for a church here.

The missionaries in our team who are OMF members or partners:
Cluster Khonkaen : Sijmen & Annelies den Hartog (cluster leader)    Khrieko & Nitho Peseyie  Rina & Puii Renthlei  Christina Sutter   Wilke & Marlies den Hertog
Cluster Kalasin: Rolf & Elfi Gerber (cluster leader) Jared & Stacy Haechton  , Titus & Shannon Gilbert

Cluster Mahasarakham: Ewoud & Gerjo Koning , Scott & Sarah Morrison

Student Ministry Mahasarakham: Arnie Suyu  ,Sabine Baier

Sijmen and Annelies den Hertog are the regional leaders for Isaan.




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