buddhistsIn all likelihood, thousands or even tens of thousands of Thai people are living in your home country. In some countries, notably Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Israel, the majority are male labourers. In other countries, mainly Western ones, the majority are Thai women who married someone from that country. Students also form a significant part of the Thai living abroad.

During the time that they are abroad, Thai people are more open to the Gospel than when they are back home. There is less social pressure and more opportunity to explore new thoughts. You can help Thai people in your country experience the love of Christ, both in practical ways and by directly sharing the Gospel as follows:
– Teach them your language
– Offer them help with practical needs in their new surroundings.
– Invite them to your home and to your church. Faith is experienced in community.
– Give them Christian literature in Thai. Many countries have organisations selling Christian literature in a wide variety of languages.
– If you share the Gospel, try a chronological Bible teaching approach. In Buddhism there is no concept of a Creator God, so you need to build some Old Testament foundation before your testimony about Christ makes sense.
– Point them towards internet sites where they can learn about God: fb.com/prakhampee and www.kwamjing.net

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