These are the financial values of OMF International, to which as OMF Thailand we subscribe.

Submission to God and confidence in His faithfulness to provide for our needs are the foundation regarding the finances of the Fellowship. Consequently, we are stewards accountable to Christ regarding all financial resources, administering them in line with Biblical principles and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

1. Finances and Our Relationship to God
– We express our dependence on God regarding finances through prayer for our needs. Need is an opportunity to wait on Him for direction. As a Fellowship we do not go into debt.
– We respond to God’s faithfulness with gratitude, generosity and a willingness to live sacrificially for the sake of the Gospel, trusting in Him to provide all that we need.
– We inform partners about our finances in ways that are appropriate in a given cultural context and commensurate with interest shown, trusting God that he will move people to respond.

2. Finances and Our Relationships with Each Other
– We exercise personal and corporate responsibility for reviewing and communicating financial provision and needs.
– We manage the resources entrusted to us in the context of a community that cares for each other, sharing voluntarily as well as through a number of sharing mechanisms.
– We view individual and corporate surpluses as providing opportunities for sharing within the Fellowship and where appropriate beyond.

3. Finances and Our Relationships with the Unreached
– We channel funds for innovative ministry initiatives and make directing financial resources towards ministries among the unreached a high priority.
– We take considered and prayerful risks for the sake of the ministry within the resources God provides to the fellowship as a whole.
– We design our financial policies to give members flexibility and freedom to respond creatively to God-given ministry challenges.

4. Finances and our Commitment to Incarnational Ministry
– We are committed to need-based budgeting and define our financial needs in light of an appropriate lifestyle for effective ministry in our context.
– We are committed to adequately fund training and equipping for effective cross-cultural ministry.
We fund sustainable development of indigenous Biblical church movements, avoiding dependency on us as an organization.

5. Finances and our Commitment to Partnership
– We joyfully invest finances for the purpose of the Kingdom and glory of God, rather than our own glory or the interest of the Fellowship alone.
– We partner with our supporting communities and churches by sharing financial information as suitable.
– We are committed to being accountable and beyond reproach to supporters, government entities and the wider Christian public.

6. Finances and our Commitment to Leadership
– We make decisions about financial needs and expenditures as close to the ministry context as possible.
– We create appropriate administrative structures and financial systems, using them to support effective ministry and re-evaluating them regularly.
– We are committed to transparency and cooperation to build trust and maximize our overall effectiveness.

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