Hi, this is Ulrich & Renate Kohler with our sons Jonathan, Michael and Tobias. As family we are a Swiss-German-Thai mix: with Ulrich born in Switzerland, Renate in Germany and all three boys in Thailand.

Ulrich has initially been trained in agricultural engineering and Renate in industrial management. We both then studied at the Theological Seminary St.Chrischona, Switzerland – and that is where we met. Seconded to OMF by the Swiss Mennonite Mission we came to Thailand in 2001.

The question whether God wants to lead us into missionary service abroad had been in our heart since we were kids. Challenged by information of people with no opportunity to hear the Gospel –and at the same time opportunities abound– we eventually joined OMF. Unusual in our journey was that prior to embarking on a first 4 year stretch of ministry in Thailand both of us had never been in Asia before. But to see Thailand as one of the least reached countries on this planet was a good enough reason to “Just Do It!”

You guess it; the first thing to start with in Thailand was to dive into learning language and culture. Then we ministered in church planting and for one year were leading the Serve Asia program (short term opportunities). From 2007 to 2016 we have been serving as regional leader for the Central Thailand region. Since August 2016 we have now been serving as field director for OMF Thailand, giving overall leadership to our areas of ministry.

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