Even though David and Tina both grew up in Australia, their childhood experiences were vastly different. David is the oldest of 6 and lived his whole childhood on a dairy farm in rural Victoria. Tina, on the other hand describes herself as an “army brat” who moved frequently through her whole childhood attending some 10 different schools before finishing high school. Both came to faith as young people and after meeting at Bible college discovered a shared call to mission. After marriage, they began their cross cultural journey with OMF in 1993 and arrived in Thailand, young parents passionate about seeing churches planted among the Buddhist Thai of Central Thailand. They worked in 2 provinces for the next 16 years with other missionaries and Thai colleagues to help establish 2 churches.

Their 2 children were homeschooled for the first 8 years of their schooling but moved to Chiang Mai and an OMF boarding home to attend an international school in 2008. An emergency situation at their dorm resulted in David and Tina moving to the dorm to take up the role as dorm parents in 2009. They remained as dorm parents at Mountain View Dorm for the next 9 years, even after their own two children graduated from high school and returned to Australia for university.

They have become passionate advocates for TCKs (third culture kids) and missionary care. In June 2019 they moved to Bangkok, Thailand to take up the role of personnel managers for the OMF Thailand field. They are committed to seeing the Thai field missionaries cared for and supported in their roles, in order for the work of sharing the good news of God’s love with Thai people to prosper.

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