Mila and Tiago Gomides are Brazilian church planters, who love Jesus and love to make him known.
Their vision is to plant a church in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, as they disciple Thai Christians to bear witness about Jesus and all his teachings in all spheres of society, serving the city and reaching the unreached.
Although both were born to Christian families but never thought of becoming missionaries. Right after Uni, they worked for different companies, with the goal to succeed in their careers. But Jesus met them radically and changed the course of their lives.
God called Tiago to serve in Southeast Asia in 2008 when he was a single missionary in Australia where he first met Mila. One year later, the Lord brought Mila to Thailand for the first time. Once there, He confirmed she was to serve amongst Thai Buddhists for the long term.
Tiago and Mila were just friends when they met again in Brazil in 2012. At that moment, God started not only their love story but also included them in His love story to redeem the lost in the Buddhist world.
In 2014, after 10 years in missions altogether, they got married in Brazil. In the following years, they pursued further training in their home country. They also served in church planting, discipleship, missions training, and being involved with the Lausanne Movement and Perspectives.
In 2019 they returned to Thailand, now with their little Sophia, who loves an adventure, mangos, and mangosteen. They are currently living in Lopburi studying Thai language and culture, discerning which church they will serve as mother church in the future.
The Gomides family was sent in partnership with the Brazilian Presbyterian Missions Agency (APMT) and SEPAL (Serving Pastors and Leaders).
Tiago has degrees in Theology from the Southern Presbyterian Seminary (Seminário Presbiteriano do Sul) and in Hospitality from the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, and a certificate in Missiology with the Presbyterian Missions Board.
Mila has a degree in Social Communication/Journalism from the Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, a post-grad in Intercultural Anthropology (Unievangélica), and a certificate in Biblical Studies (Taiwan).

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