“As followers of Jesus Christ, we have an honest message that renews lives. From the Thai context we want to live this message as witnesses, so that Thai people get to know Him and they will disciple others.”

From the beginning of 2019 the Roest Family is focussing on learning the Thai language and culture. Thomas (1990) and Cobi (1991) like games nights, fellowship with others, exploring new food in the kitchen, sports and their son Tim. He loves to sit on the back of one of their bicycles to wave to motorbikes and car.

Imagine a sunny but hot day in India.
Two people sitting on a bicycle rickshaw and the man in front is sweating.
The woman starts the conversation with the question:
“What would you think about going for long term mission?”
He answers: “Mmh.. I am not sure. Maybe when I am bite older..”

They were just married (2014) and Cobi had some mission experience in India (half a year in 2010). Together they went back to India and started talking about mission.
Thomas and Cobi enjoyed sharing Jesus in their surroundings but in the beginning their focus on the place of mission was quite different. Should they stay in the Netherlands or should they go abroad?
After a couple of months they had their first conversation with OMF. They helped with focussing on the right things. Thomas and Cobi met each other in the same calling: to reach out to the lost in Asia. After a vision-trip to Thailand in 2015 they went to the UK to study at a bible college for 2 years. Before that Thomas worked for about 7 years in the recruitment and commercial HRM sector. Cobi has a background in social work, coaching refugees and foster children

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