Mark and Anne-Marie Bak have 4 children: Celeste, Irene, David and Anna. They are seconded by Kimon, a Dutch interdenominational organization serving children. Before coming to Thailand, Mark was a structural engineer, Anne-Marie a French teacher.
Soon after Mark’s conversion, he had a clear call to serve as a missionary. Praise the Lord, Anne-Marie had a longing to serve as missionary as well. An advertisement in a magazine drew our attention to Thailand and after a period of praying, God showed us very clearly that He called us to Thailand. We live there since 2011.
After a year of language study in Lopburi, we moved to a little village called Baanmeng in Khonkaen province in Isaan. For 4 years we were serving the children in Isaan by supporting the church planters and the Isaan church in children and youth ministry. Besides that, we were reaching out to the children and youth in our own district through children’s club, teaching English and activities for teenagers.
Since May 2017 we are overseeing the OMF Daniel Training in Lopburi, Central Thailand, where new missionaries spend their first year of orientation and full-time language and culture training.  Next to training and mentoring we also give very practical support to those arriving in Thailand. Children’s ministry will still play an important role for us. We hope we can equip new missionaries to do some children’s ministries by themselves. Also, we would like to do some children’s ministry ourselves once we have been into this new role a little bit longer.

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