BirkettSawatdee kha, my name is Julia Birkett.

Having grown up overseas in Africa, I was a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and on graduating with a geography degree from the University of London I did think that I would like to work in another country. Initially I thought that would be in development work, but then God showed me how much spiritual need there is in Asia. I discovered that I had great-greatuncles who had been missionaries in Papua New Guinea and China, and I think they probably prayed for future generations of our family, since my aunt has also worked as a missionary! When I visited Thailand I saw these beautiful smiling people but soon realized that although they may smile outwardly, there isn’t the deep inner joy that comes from knowing you are God’s child. I want the Thai people to know the truth that sets you free.

Since 2010 I have been working at the OMF Thai language centre, helping the new workers to learn the Thai language and culture. Thai is a tonal language, so if you change the tone of the word you easily change the meaning! Language and cultural learning never stops, so I am still a learner myself even though I moved here in 2001. I have a background in teaching rather than linguistics, so I would like to have someone else to come and work with me to develop our teaching materials.

Sawatdee kha (which can mean both hello and goodbye!)


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