Daniel Training is a program designed to help in the orientation and training of new missionaries working in Thailand with OMF International and our affiliates. We want our missionaries to be able to communicate appropriately and well and to be ‘At Home in the Culture’.

The Daniel Training program has an integrated approach which will lead to both good language skills and cross-cultural competence. Incarnational ministry requires the Daniel Learners to undergo comprehensive change.

Daniel Training is not simply a four year program, it is everything that happens every day, how we learn from it and how it helps us to develop into an effective missionary. This experience will have planned components but what happens as you buy food at the market or visit the mechanic is just as important as what happens in the classroom. New Daniel learners will come to Lopburi (a medium sized town in Central Thailand 2 hours north of Bangkok) for the initial phase of Daniel Training (usually 1 year).  The program includes two hours of individual lessons with a language helper five days a week, cultural sessions and assignments. Daniel learners are also expected to be involved with a local church, and to spend time with Thai friends they get to know as they go about their daily life. They will also have opportunities to join outreach initiatives in the area and to visit senior missionaries as well as regular times for fellowship and prayer with fellow Daniel Learners.

The Daniel Training program is coordinated by the Daniel Training team. This currently consists of Daniel Training team leaders (Mark & Annemarie Bak)  and language advisor (Julia Birkett) . We are praying for another language advisor/coach to join our team.







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