Thai Tempo March-April 2019

He is Changing and the Changes Are Good

Teacher Tu reported that she had talked to a grandmother of one of the children who has been coming regularly to our house for several months. This grandmother shared how she has been seeing changes in her grandson. She said that he is becoming well mannered and a good listener. This simple interaction provided teacher Tu an opportunity to share with the grandmother of God’s love and its ability to transform lives. Please pray for more positive change in the kids coming regularly to kid’s club and that these changes will impact their families and ultimately lead to people trusting Jesus.
Jared & Stacy Haechton, KhamMuang, Kalasin province

Pray for:

More positive change in the children and that these changes will impact their families and lead to people trusting in Jesus.
Pray for good relationships with the parents

Camp Season

Many children and young adults used the opportunity to take part in a camp during their summer holidays (March-April).
The kids in Central Thailand were looking at the life of the main character in “Pilgrims progress”.
The young adults in Central Thailand thought about how to “survive” and fight temptation as a Christian in a world that wants to draw us away from God.
In South Thailand young people were faced with different challenges, like abseiling or climbing, in the Adventure camp. They also pondered about how to overcome various challenges and obstacles in their lives.
There is a student camp going on at the moment for high school students organized by the Thai Christian Students with many practical workshops about different aspects of their lives as Christians.

Pray for:

  • Thank the Lord for the opportunities/freedom of organizing such camps and for many young people following the invitation
  • Deep friendships among the young people that will help them to encourage each other throughout the year to live God honouring lives
  • The Holy Spirit continuing to work in their hearts, reminding them of the things they have heard and read in God’s word
  • The young people who are the only Christians in their families

Sattha Soccer in July and Throughout the Year

OMF has been engaging in ministry through soccer for over a decade, mainly as a three week outreach tour in Central Thailand in July. The team consists mostly of young men coming from different countries of the world to play soccer and share about their faith.

But as soccer is a very good way of connecting with young men, missionaries and Thai Christians are starting to use it on a more regular basis.

This February OMF South Thailand hosted a training workshop for those interested in coaching kids and engaging them with the message of the gospel through sport. Chris Keiller from Sattha Soccer Ministry went down South for a few days to help equip local Christians with necessary skills regarding soccer coaching.
Chris&Sarah Keiller,  Ayuthayaa province 

Pray for:

  • This year’s Sattha Soccer tour in Central Thailand in July (4-23) and all the preparations needing to be done now. Chris Keiller and Will Brooks will co-lead the tour.
  • Enough players for the team to come from different countries
  • Those in the South who took part in the training to see where soccer fits into their ministry contexts
  • Whenever Christians use soccer to serve their communities, it will help young men to stay off drugs, to find purpose in life, being a blessing to their communities
  • Many opportunities to share about the hope of Christ

God is Building His Kingdom and a New Campus

Chiang Mai Theological Seminary (CTS) is focused on providing solid training for church leaders and church planters. Alumni are working all over Thailand to further God’s kingdom. After renting the current building for 17 years CTS is now in the process of building their own facilities. A few years ago CTS has been able to purchase a plot of land on the South side of Chiang Mai. The ground breaking ceremony for the new campus will take place on May 6. Many faithful partners from both, overseas and Thailand, have contributed towards this building project.
Daniel&Song Kim, ChiangMai province

Pray for:

  • the building project to go smoothly, remaining funds to come in and God’s protection for the workers
  • the ground breaking ceremony on May 6
  • praise the Lord for the many alumni who are working all over Thailand to reach people with the Gospel and disciple them
  • the students currently studying at CTS to grow in their love for the Lord as well as their knowledge of His word and in their skills to minister


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