nampu-logoEstimates for the yearly number of abortions in Thailand vary from 300,000 to 900,000. We want to get the message across that every single life is valuable! We opened a crisis pregnancy centre, Fountain Ministry, where women who are in crisis situations because of unplanned pregnancies can get counselling and practical help. When women decide to carry their pregnancy to term, a safe house is available around the period of birth. In this way, the love of Christ is made visible, and the women are invited to trust in Him.

The Nampu-Fountain team also visits ladies at “Sunshine house”, a department of Thanyarak Drug Rehabilitation Hospital in Khonkaen. “Every life is precious” is the foundation of every session for the ladies who voluntarily join the weekly meetings. No matter what your past is don’t let it direct your future. God’s word is the basis of the ministry and finds open hearts with the ladies who attend regularly.

If you are a Thai woman with an unplanned pregnancy and you want help, please contact Fountain Ministry here.

Submitted by Christina Sutter

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