BrooksWe are Will & Meng En Brooks with Hadassah Eve, our beautiful daughter. Will is from Texas, Meng En is from Taiwan, and we (with our daughter) work in Thailand. So you have Texas, Taiwan, and Thailand — the three T’s!

At a young age, Meng En found that stories of Chinese refugees settling in North Thailand seemed to draw her in. After graduating from Chung Thai Theological Seminary in Taiwan she went on to gain valuable experience church planting in Taiwan. As the Lord confirmed her calling to Thailand she would go on to finish a course at the Asian Cross-cultural Training Institute before arriving in Thailand in 1998. Meng En has also just recently completed a certificate in Graduate Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Will’s calling to Thailand came a bit later, as a university student. It was at a conference that Will heard about ministry in the 10/40 window, and prayed for the Lord’s lead to join ministry in the “window.” It was a few years later that the Lord confirmed it would be Thailand. After completing studies at Texas A&M University, Will served one year at one of his sending churches before heading to Thailand in 1999. He went on to finish a program in Cross-cultural ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Will and Meng En met in Thailand, and were married in 2002. While there have been breaks, the Brooks have remained involved with OMF and Thailand since their arrival in the late 90’s. They currently serve in the Central region of Thailand, based in Ayutthaya province. They are involved with church planting efforts in two districts in Ayutthaya as well as coordinating a ministry called Sattha, which uses football (soccer) to bridge into communities, create opportunities for the Gospel, and for making disciples.


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