GohMichelle Goh is from Singapore and prior to going to Thailand as a missionary with OMF, she was a secondary school English teacher who enjoyed her work and serving in various ministries in church.

Her first contact with the Thai people was in church during her university days. A Korean missionary had started a ministry in the church, reaching out to Thai workers in Singapore and started asking church members to volunteer teaching English to these Thai workers on Sundays. Michelle was approached and she agreed to serve as a teacher. That was the beginning of the journey of serving God in Thailand. Through teaching the Thai people, God removed the fears and misconceptions she had towards the Thai people. It was on her first short-term mission trip to Thailand that God called her and subsequently she went on many of such trips before she eventually joined OMF. Through these short-term mission trips, God taught Michelle many precious lessons and gave her insights to not just Thai culture, but the challenges the Thai church (and believers) face. God also grew in her a love for the Thai people, the country and the food!

Michelle has been serving in the student ministry in Central Thailand since 2011. Based in Nakhonsawan, her work revolves mostly around students in the local universities (Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University and Chaopraya University) – training leaders and discipling Christian students, following up on seekers and new believers, and generally growing and guiding the Christian students (Bible study groups, Christian Fellowship/Club) to be salt and light in and out of campus. Occasionally she teaches some English in order to meet more students (and teachers) and to teach people about Jesus Christ through the English lessons. She works in partnership with the local church (Nakhonsawan Church) where she helps with the young adult cell group and the youth fellowship. She really enjoys being with young people and sees them as the future leaders of the churches in Central Thailand.

Email: michelle.goh@omfmail.com

Facebook: fb.com/mitchimin

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