RobertsonHi, we are Kim & Mary Robertson. We are from New Zealand and have been part of the OMF church planting team in Central Thailand since 1998. We have three adult children working in New Zealand and our youngest, who was born in Thailand, is studying at an international high school in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Mary and I met when we were studying at Massey University. Mary studied horticulture (fruit, vegetables and flowers) and I studied agriculture (cows, sheep, deer, pasture, and crops). Before we married and started a family, Mary worked in research, and then as a horticultural advisor. I worked for 10 years as a dairy farm advisor with a large farming co-operative.

Mary and I became Christians after leaving university before getting married. We were part of a team of three couples that planted a church in our local community. We were looking for new direction when God spoke to us about Thailand. At the time we had three young children which seemed a major obstacle but we felt God’s calling so we went to Bible College and applied to OMF. We finally made it to Thailand as we both entered our fortieth year with children aged 11, 9 and 8.

In 2003, after one year full-time at language school and three years being mentored by senior missionaries, we moved to Suphanburi province located 100 km Northwest of Bangkok. Suphanburi province has a population of 850,000 people and has only 30 small churches. Our main role is to work with Thai believers to evangelize, and establish churches in districts where there are none. We reach out together with the Thai believers to their families and friends, in homes, schools, prisons, markets and villages, and by teaching English and music. We network with the Thai churches, minister to the poor and disabled, are involved in prayer counselling and in Central Thailand Children’s & Youth Camps.

Thailand needs people to come and make a quality investment of 10 to 20 years of their lives to see new churches established. It is challenging and sometimes heart breaking work. But there is much fun and joy along the way. In Central Thailand there is about one believer per thousand people. There are still districts of 40 to 80 thousand people without a church. Most provincial capitals now have several churches but in the smaller towns and rural areas few people know anything about Jesus Christ. If a one to three year time frame works better for you, you can come and learn some basic Thai then work alongside a team of church planters. Many Thai want to learn English and would love to have a foreign friend like you.

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