Cherlyn was born in a Christian family in Singapore. She accepted Christ through the mission school she attended when she was 10. Growing up, her father brought her to visit the Logos ship whenever it docked in Singapore to sell books and do ministry. They conducted programmes for Christian children and challenged them to give themselves to God through mission. Cherlyn was so captivated by what she saw and heard that she never forgot it even in her teenage years. Her first short-term mission trip was after a major exam when she was 16 years old. She went with church members to Chiang Rai, Thailand to serve the Akha people and made several friends whom she is still in touch with today.
Her heart and burden for Thailand started from that trip and grew slowly and steadily. She had the opportunity to learn Thai as an elective subject when she was in university, and she continued to go on several short term trips to serve the Akha people over the years. God grew the desire in Cherlyn to see people in Thailand come to know Christ.
Upon graduation, she worked as a social worker in a special school for a few years before going to Bible School and then joining OMF to serve the Northern Thai in Chiang Rai.
Currently, she is with the Thai field during student ministry in a few campuses in the area outside west of Bangkok. She spends time with students, discipling them and pointing them to Christ, and encouraging Christian students to live out their faith in an environment where Christians are the minority, so that they can be salt and light amongst their family, friends and community.

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