OMF LiteratureOn Buddhism

Alex Smith, A Christian Pocket’s Guide to Buddhism
A former OMF Thailand missionary wrote a book that will help you understand and communciate effectively with your Buddhist friends.

Keith Yandell & Harold Netland, Buddhism: A Christian Exploration and Appraisal
An excellent introduction to the historical development of Buddhism, its teaching, and how Christians should relate to Buddhism and Buddhists.

On Thai Culture

Niels Mulder, Inside Thai Society: Religion, Everyday Life, Change
An anthropological and scholarly look at Thai society that will help you to understand Thai society at a deeper level.

Henry Holmes and Suchada Tangtongtavy, Working With the Thais: A Guide to Managing in Thailand
Going beyond the simple dos and don’ts, this book gives great insights into the challenges of intercultural communication.

Kenny Yee and Catherine Gordon, Dos & Don’ts in Thailand
Simple but helpful (though somewhat crude) guide on Thai customs.

On Thai Christianity

Alex Smith, Siamese Gold: the Church in Thailand
Church history of Protestant churches in Thailand up to 1980, with an analysis of their growth.

Marten Visser, Conversion Growth of Protestant Churches in Thailand
Academic study of what kind of churches are growing and what kind of people are become Christians in Thailand.

On church planting

David Hesselgrave, Planting Churches Cross-Culturally: North America and Beyond
A biblical and practical approach to church planting, based on Paul’s experiences.

George Patterson and Scoggin, Church Multiplication Guide Revised: The Miracle of Church Reproduction
A field guide on how to plant churches that multiply. Emphasis on obedience and house churches. Very simple language, but deep content.

On OMF missionaries

Roger Steer, J. Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ
Biography of the father of the OMF, and the first missionary to go into inland China.

Isobel Kuhn, Ascent to the tribes
Personal story about the start of OMF ministry in North-Thailand from one of the great missionary writers of all time.

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