Vincci was raised in a traditional chinese family in Hongkong. She is the only believer in her family. She studied in a christian primary school. Thus she knew a lot about Jesus Christ while she was still at school. She received Christ at the age of 12, and was baptized in one of the congregations of Tsungtsin Mission, which later became one of her sending groups. After she graduated from as a master of financial engineering, she attended Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hongkong. Before she came to Thailand, she was involved in youth ministry in her church.

God has called Vincci to serve the marginal people in Thailand such as the poor and the sex workers. By God’s grace, she came to Thailand with OMF in 2012. After a year of language study in Lopburi, she began working in the Urban Poor church planting team in Bangkok.

There are over 1000 slum areas in Bangkok. There are less than 1% christians in Thailand and even less among the poor. Our team works in different areas where there are neither christians nor churches. If you want to experience the life-changing power of God among the urban poor people and glorify our almighty Lord, please come to Thailand and join the Urban Poor team. Hope to see you soon.

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