Stefan Keller: I was involved in children’s ministry in Zürich, Switzerland while I was working in an architect’s office. Many of those kids had a non-Christian background but started to follow Jesus. I saw how their life had changed in many ways. This experience was a key for me to have the courage to break out of my small world and serve God in Bangkok among the urban poor. God taught me that He can use a normal guy like me, if I keep trusting Him and pray about the challenges that come along the way.

In 2001 I married Brigitte who is from Austria who also wanted to serve God. Two years later we moved to Thailand and after intensive Thai studies we started to work in a Thai Church.

Now we have 4 boys. Like everyone in our team we live and work in different urban poor communities. We build relationships with our neighbours and work together with the community leaders for the common good of the people.

Our team vision: Through God’s grace we long to see a movement of churches springing up in Bangkok and beyond, holistically transforming the urban poor communities.

The problems of the poor in Bangkok are very complex. They have enough to eat, clothes to wear and also mobile phones. But their life style is very unhealthy. Living among them gives us good opportunities to love and help them in a natural and personal way.

We are looking for opportunities to start cell groups or churches. When Jesus reveals himself to us and we follow him, a holistic transformation to the community can happen in a sustainable way.

The Missionary who makes a difference
Most of our neighbours are Buddhist. They have not rejected Jesus, but have never been exposed to the Gospel in a way that gave them a chance to understand it. They need a Christian neighbour they can get to know, observe and whom God can use to touch them.

We are looking for Missionaries who are willing to live among the Poor for more than 2 years. There are 6 different roles for a Missionary that are helpful to transform a community and plant churches:
– Learner: Learning Thai, their culture and many details of the community up to a deep level.
– Interceder
– Servant
– Friend
– Story teller
– Disciple maker

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