GenevieveMy name is Genevieve Wong, from Sarawak in East Malaysia. I went to a Catholic school since the age of six and was exposed to Christianity from a young age. But it was only when I was studying in college that I understood what it meant to be a Christian. I gave my life to Jesus and made a commitment to serve Him wherever He would lead me.

After completing my studies, I worked at various jobs in office administration. In 1988, I felt the Lord calling me to use my training to serve Him at a Bible school in Miri, Sarawak. During the five years that I worked at the Bible school, I had many opportunities to serve alongside OMF missionaries who were lecturing there. Their simple lifestyle and their love for the locals had a deep impact in my life. During a mission trip with the Bible students, I was struck by the vastness of the mission field and the lack of workers. I felt the Lord calling me clearly to give myself to cross-cultural missions.

When I was a teenager, I used to read about Thailand, especially her social problems. So when I felt called to be a missionary it just seems natural to choose Thailand as my mission field. After three years of training at Singapore Bible College, I left for Thailand in 1997.

Since 2014, I’ve been involved in Student Ministry in Bangkok.  We’re a team of three, focusing on Sripatum university. One co-worker is a full-time lecturer at the university. This opens up many opportunities for us to get involved in ministry. We reach out to both the faculty members and students through teaching English. We hope that through English and other activities we can build deep friendships and trust and share deeper things.

Young people with a lot of energy, able to teach English, musically talented, interest in sports, and love to hang out with students would be ideal for our Student Ministry. There are opportunities to give private tuition to both students and lecturers, a great way to share on a more personal level.


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