David grew up in a conservative Christian home, but rebelled in his early teens and had little desire to serve Christ. By God’s grace, and through the persistent prayers of his parents and youth leaders, David came into contact with Christian musicians who were passionate for the gospel. David recommitted his life to Jesus, and he began to reach the youths in his surrounding culture. David responded to God’s call to “go and disciple the nations” during a mission trip to East Asia. After graduating from Temple University with a degree in music, David went to Thailand as an associate with OMF for three years.

Gladys was born in the Philippines, and came to faith in Christ when she first went to work in Singapore. In 1994, during a conference held in Grace Baptist Church, she heard God’s call and committed herself to be a missionary. The Lord led her into full-time studies at Singapore Bible College, where she became more convinced of her life-calling through living in a cross-cultural environment.

David and Gladys met in Singapore Bible College. They came to Thailand with OMF in August 2003 to start work among the urban poor in Bangkok. In the recent years, David is a leadership trainer and coach to Thai leaders in Bangkok. Besides teaching at the Bangkok Bible Seminary, he spends time encouraging Thai pastors and equipping church leaders through training seminars. His vision is to nurture a movement of Christ-centered missional leaders in Thailand and beyond. David and Gladys are blessed with 5 children.



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