The vision of OMF Bangkok is to see an indigenous biblical church movement in Bangkok, which consists of Thais and missionaries glorifying God together by following Jesus passionately, evangelizing communities, developing servant-leaders and church-planters, transforming culture and networking in unity with one another.

OMF started planting churches in Bangkok in the 1980s in order to continue discipling Thai believers who moved from the provinces into the city to study or work. The new churches formed the Association of Churches in Bangkok (ACTB), and grew into a fellowship of over twenty churches.

Bangkok is one of the major gateway cities in East Asia. The city has been the center of religious and cultural influence promoted by kings, generals, as well as artisans and cultural leaders gathered in the capital. Being the center of economy, the policies made in Bangkok affect the whole country. From 1975 to the turn of the century, the total size of the economy (GDP) in Bangkok grew five times, and the population grew from three to ten million. How did such explosive growth impact the city? On one hand, Bangkok attracted those pursuing careers, higher education, wealth and influence. On the other hand, the city is filled with the marginalized such as slum dwellers, sex workers and neglected youth.

In spite of the presence of over three hundred Protestant churches, the Christian population of Bangkok is still less than one percent. Even though there are churches in all major districts of Bangkok, thousands of communities remain untouched by the gospel due to social barriers. OMF Bangkok is currently reaching out to the various people groups in the city.  Students, professionals or the urban poor can all become followers of Jesus and form churches that will impact the city and beyond. We are praying for more workers with vision and initiative to join us.  There are plenty of opportunities to partner with Thais or work in missional teams in order to start or strengthen new churches for the glory of God.

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The missionaries in the Bangkok team who are OMF and partner are:

Stefan & Brigitte Keller (teamleaders), Dave & Sarah Adams, David & Gladys Chang, Vincci So, Anita Crown, Adriano & Fabiana de Araujo, Fedora Teong, Sunny Yu, Davi & Juliana Pezzato and  Silvio & Marcia Onoe

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