The ” real work”

In your mind imagine a large company with lots of departments. They have a department for sales, production, admin etc. There are managers and directors and even a CEO. Who does the ‘real work’ [...]


Our last day in Isaan

It is 6 o’clock in the morning. As the sun comes up I sit in front of our house in Yang Sisurat and enjoy a cup of coffee. This is our last morning in this house. Today we will load our stuff in [...]


Only Jesus can save me

Noi is a 38 year old lady that came to the church in Yang Sisurat for the first time during a special Christmas outreach. She was very interested and wanted to hear as much as possible about God. [...]


Baptized… by God’s grace

‘Monday’ is the name of 38 year old lady who lives in a remote village of the Yangsisurat district in Isaan. For many years she worked as a witchdoctor. People with all kind of [...]