More Women in Thai church

I just spoke at a church camp for 70 Thai people. I counted only 11 males which works out to a 1 to 7 ratio. On a regular Sunday, this church has a higher ratio of males to females, but overall [...]


Walking through the Bible

One glaring concern missionaries have working in Thailand is Biblical illiteracy. One Thai leader admitted, “Thai Christians are unable to put events in the Bible into any sort of a [...]


Billy Graham and Urbana

I just got word that Billy Graham passed into glory at 99 years old. I immediately thought of the impact that his life had on me as a young Christian. I grew up watching Graham before color TV in [...]


The challenge of language learning

On a recent trip to South India, I watched my host communicate effortlessly using numerous Indian languages. When I asked him how many languages he knew, he pulled out a Rupee bank note and [...]


Thailand – ” # 1 in the world”

I recently read a surprising article in the Bangkok Post called “In the Lead” which ranked Thailand #1 in the world in various categories (both positive and negative): 1)coup d’états; [...]


“Aliens & Strangers” in Thailand

Since my marriage in 1978 I have lived in 30 houses. I just moved into my most recent domicile today after spending the last couple of months in a guest room at the top of the Bible school I [...]


600 words well spoken

Back in 1980 the OMF Orientation Course in Singapore lasted a couple of months. Part of our training was in the LAMP method (Language Acquisition Made Practical), which included learning basic [...]


Missionaries with ” tattoos”

One strange observation I’ve made during my time in Thailand is the number of missionaries who sport a distinct “tattoo” half way up the calf of their leg. The mystery was solved for me after I [...]


The Speed Limit Monk Statue

Thailand has 68 million people and 35 million cars on the road. Of those vehicles, 76% of them have a Buddhist image sitting on the dashboard for protection. Yet Thailand ranks #2 in the world as [...]


Treats and the gospel

Thai people love to eat and have even coined a phrase, “gin prumprua”. It is hard to translate, but basically means that the Thai love to snack throughout the day and center their social [...]


Two god village

There is a peculiar village outside of Chiang Mai called “House of Two gods”. At first I wondered if there had been some kind of mythical battle in the past between two rival gods … a kind of [...]


Blood Sacrifice and Strawberry Fanta

I just read a fascinating article called, “In Thailand, blood sacrifice is out, Strawberry Fanta is in. (https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-04-06/thailand-blood-sacrifice-out-strawberry-fanta) Most [...]


7 Dangerous Days and 7 Passionate Days

It seems that every year during the Songkran Festival in Thailand a new record is broken. If it was a new record for the most water throwing revelers in the same place it would be acceptable, but [...]

Amazing Thailand

The main motto promoted by the Thai tourism department is “Amazing Thailand”. The year 2016 was indeed amazing for our country, but none so surprising, especially in the area of sports, than the [...]


Rotis with a side order of Bible

I was teaching a Bible class in the evenings in Phuket, South Thailand. I had extra time during the day and so would frequent a Roti shop run by a young Muslim man. This man impressed me because [...]


Law of the seed

For over 40 years Dr. Henry Breidenthal (52 years with OMF) has gone to a public park on Sunday afternoons to hand out gospel tracts. I had the privilege of watching Henry in this ministry at the [...]


Thanksgiving/Harvest Sunday

I was asked to preach on Thanksgiving/Harvest Sunday in a mainly tribal church in Chiang Mai called “Beulah Church”. It was impressive to see a huge mound of fruit pilled up at the pulpit that [...]


Everyday stories

Before making a one day visa run to Bangkok, I prayed that I would have an opportunity to share Bible stories with the Thai I encountered that day. The first was a retired civil engineer in his [...]


Alternative or alter-native?

The American swimmer, Michael Phelps, caused quite a stir at the Olympics in Rio when he arrived at the starting blocks for the 100 meter freestyle relay race with large circular bruises on his [...]


Seventy years on the throne

On June 9th I got on a crowded overhead train in Bangkok and observed that two thirds of the commuters were wearing yellow. It turned out that the whole nation was wearing the colour of the [...]


Story telling in practice

For a week I had been teaching orality at a conference and whilst going home on the last night I passed a couple on the side of the road. Feeling convicted that I should help them, I stopped and [...]


No Bible, no breakfast!

In 1975 I was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Dan Bacon (DTS grad and OMF director at the time) was the chapel speaker and asked us students whether we were praying for any specific [...]


Hitch hiking monk

After a 3 day bible story training in Mae Sot, North Thailand, Kennedy Paizs and I were making the five hour trek back to Chiang Mai. I noticed an elderly monk hitch hiking by the side of the [...]


Demon in the air

Larry Dinkins was tired. His two-week ministry trip to Thailand had been fruitful, but intensive. He’d led 10 one-on-one counselling sessions, attended three church services and spoke at several [...]


7 reasons for Christians to retire in Thailand

How can you make the most of your retirement? I recently read an article by Evan Tarver listing “7 Reasons Why Americans Retire in Thailand” and it got me thinking. Tarver started his [...]



Thailand and all of Asia was shocked by the huge blast in Tianjin, China on August 12, but then Thailand’s attention was diverted a few days later by the joy of setting a world record for [...]


The Power of Story Telling

On my first day in a small village in Mukdahan province of Northeast Thailand, I was sitting in my host’s house and noticed an eight year old girl who seemed to be leaning over a fence. When I [...]