What Does Theological Education Have to Do with Church Planting?

I have served in Thailand as a missionary for about ten years, of which the last four have been spent in Bangkok, teaching church history and missions at a seminary, assisting a Thai Christian [...]


Does Thailand still need missionaries? (Part 2)

  Many churches today sacrificially support global gospel partnerships and seek to do so in sustainable, accountable ways, without creating unhealthy dependence. Some argue that Western [...]

Does Thailand still need missionaries?

In recent years, there has been a trend for some missions supporters and churches in the West to move away from sending their own missionaries in favor of supporting “native missionaries” [...]


Why Missionaries Can Never Go Home Again

When a new missionary first gets to the mission field, it is obvious where home is. It is that place where you just left. It is the place where you grew up, went to school, got an education, [...]