Where is Jesus now?

As I walked into one of our regular printing shop, I was greeted by the smiling shop keeper. He is an industrious man that will often engage in religious small talk. After a brief greeting, I [...]


Still bowing to spirit houses

One day, I was giving some of the new Christians a ride into town in our car. As I drove, I noticed that one of the elderly Christian ladies raised her hands and bowed as we passed a prominent [...]


A walk in the Forest

Last year, we had an outing to the nearby mountains with some of our Thai friends.  As we walked along through the forest, they continued to point to the many species of plants and flora that [...]


What are those?

  One day, after several months living in Isaan, I glanced at my feet and to my surprise, noticed a strange new growth from the sides of each one of my feet (I will spare you the picture!).  [...]


The Serpent or the Fruit?

I was recently discussing the temptation and sin of man in the Garden of Eden with a small group of Isaan people.  I talked about how the serpent, which in the Thai Bible is the same word as [...]