God of wonders

”You can pray for rain” he said laughing. We met him during our prayer walk in his village. With some other men he was eating papaya salad and drinking whiskey. When we asked him if we could pray [...]


The dust on my feet

What do you do when people are not interested anymore in doing Bible study? What do you do when the first Christian contact in your village (the hoped for catalyst, the reason you moved exactly [...]


A new year’s resolution

The leader of the nearby church called me around Christmas, really discouraged and he sounded like he was close to giving up. An active and important church member left the church to live with an [...]


Confusion at T- junction

It’s for the spirits, so that they don’t get confused. Because spirits travel in straight lines and this is a T-junction, that will confuse them’’ one of my neighbours replied when I asked her [...]


Nothing is left to coincidence in Thailand

Nothing is left to coincidence in Thailand. Today while reading a book I learned that even a house plan in Isaan has a deeper thought behind it. It has to do with auspiciousness. The four wind [...]


The church as a banana tree

In February, we bought our banana tree. “When will it have bananas?” I asked the shop owner. “After about a year and a half;” she answered. At that point, I was noticing that it only had three [...]



Rainy season in Thailand has officially started. If you haven’t experienced the thunderstorms and showers at night, you would notice God’s creation changing around you. Yellow paddy fields [...]


Breaking out of the box

It is nine months since we started learning the Thai language in Lopburi and attending a local church. At first it was nice to be back with people we knew, as we had visited this church some [...]


In the middle of nowhere

It is getting darker and darker. Not only because the sun is setting, but also because traffic lights vanish the further we leave Khon Kaen behind. Khon Kaen seems to be the center of the Isaan [...]


Wisdom in words

‘’Wow, your Thai is really good, how many years have you been in Thailand’’ says the Thai student who sits in the back of my car. I am trying to concentrate on driving and keeping an eye out for [...]