What are the chances?

Nothing happens by accident because God orchestrates everything, whether large outreaches or divine appointments! December is always a busy time for us. Christmas has become more familiar to the [...]


God above all others

This morning I walked out of our house to take our youngest son to school when I saw this table full of offerings in front of our two neighbors’ houses. In case you can’t tell, the [...]


Sticky rice & being made in the image of God

While we were trying to sort out our visa problems in Bangkok earlier this month, I remember going for a walk with C1 and C2 to look for some food for dinner. We came across a lady selling sticky [...]


“Wai” or “Wai” not?

Our house in Phrom Khiri is near the district office, and recently they held an installation service for a new Buddha statue/idol placed in the front (it is the black statue in the photo). Caleb, [...]


Neighboorhood connections

  In trying to get back into Thai language learning, I sought out the help of Ms. Noy, who is a neighbor of ours and also a former Thailand championship takraw player. Ms. Noy has made her [...]


Ask, seek and knock

Recently, we were able to host a short-term team of 8 people from our home church back in the U.S. Part of the trip involved having the team help us with a 2-day English Camp at a local school in [...]


Introducing Phrom Khiri

Phrom Khiri (pronounced Prome Keeree). It’s a beautiful district in the southern Thai province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. It’s made up of five sub-districts and has a population of over 35,000 [...]


“Did you know? Mr Suchat is dying. It doesn’t look good.”

 I am standing in our kitchen one morning with our housekeeper Mrs. Yaa and I freeze as I hear these words but I am not sure whether I understood correctly. Translating in my head slowly, I [...]


Funny Beginnings

Some things have funny beginnings! After living in West Paakphanang for almost a year, we have finally started an English club. In the past, we had regularly offered English lessons to the [...]