The blessing of a short term team

Often, we find that people are wondering how they can be involved in mission. Probably one of the most important ways is in prayer. In addition to prayer, coming on a short-term trip is a good [...]


A picture (or story) to transport you

The workshop ‘Simply the Story’ or in Thai ‘เล่าเรื่องเจาะใจ’ was organized in Khon Kaen for the third time. The main purpose of the workshop is to present and teach an [...]


My son came to visit me

Since the beginning of this year Uncle Kanhaa started to have more and more health issues. Almost weekly he was admitted to the hospital to receive treatment. At times he would be confused and [...]


Father and son

We first met Uncle Kanhaa during door-to-door outreach in our village. He had suffered a stroke and could not use his hands and legs anymore. He also had kidney failure and needed dialysis four [...]