Setting a “faith-flag”

After a full day’s work, I needed to do some shopping and went to one of the big shopping centers in town. I was tired and hoped to get things done quickly and go home to rest. Feeling hungry I [...]


Nampu Fountain ministry

Mrs. Pat nicknamed her new baby boy “First”, although he was her fourth and last child.  When she initially discovered that she was pregnant with First, she was not ready to have another child, [...]


Christmas – celebration of reconciliation

Some Sundays ago, I realized that single mother, Mrs J and her daughter S had not come to church for a few weeks. I asked others in the church about her. Some hadn’t noticed that Mrs J had stayed [...]


I can’t afford another baby

Miu contacted Nampu-Fountain Ministry about one year ago. She was 23, already had three children, and was expecting her 4th. The family did not see how they could provide for yet another child [...]


My baby wanted to live!

Jane, a Thai lady, and her newborn daughter are first fruits of Nampu-Fountain Ministry, a crisis pregnancy centre in North East Thailand. Here is her story (but not her photo). Jane ran away [...]