Serve Asia Program – Short term (2 weeks – 11 months)

Serve Asia is the name of the OMF short-term program.

Serve Asia Teams

Teams visit Thailand for several weeks. They help us make contact with our local communities through English teaching, sports (Sattha soccer ministry); evangelistic events (Christmas or market outreaches) and many more.

When you join a Serve Asia team, you will:
– Meet new friends
– Learn about Thailand
– Try our local foods (pad-thay, green curry, mango & sticky rice)
– Find out what a missionary’s life is really like

There are two ways you can join a Serve Asia team:

1. Mobilize a team from your own church or Christian fellowship
We are happy to host teams for 2-3 weeks at certain times of the year. Teams strategically serve in a variety of ministries through a program put together by the hosting missionaries and Serve Asia coordinator. We provide orientation to the Thailand and OMF ministry, oversight for the duration of the trip, and debriefing before departure.

2. Join one of our international teams.
Each year we organize a number of teams which are open for individuals around the world. We will organize the program, train you and lead the team.

Most Serve Asia teams are run in July-August, or in December, prior to and during Christmas.

Individual Serve Asia Workers
What if I can’t join one of the Serve Asia teams? Can I still come short-term by myself?

In certain situations we can also accept individual short-term workers. Our priority is to help give a foundation for those seriously considering options for ongoing involvement in cross-cultural missions.

If you have specific skills that can be used to bless and meet the needs of our field, then we may have a place for you. Our short-term opportunities may include: media, graphic design and photography skills; teaching (homeschool teachers and English teaching), children and youth ministry; caring for TCK’s (Third Culture Kids – children of missionaries) during workshops and conferences.

Individual Serve Asia workers can visit for as short as 2 weeks or as long as 11 months.

If you are interested you can learn more about our opportunities for Short Term service.

If you are interested in joining us short term, it is best to contact the OMF office in your home country:
Australia   Belgie   Canada   Deutschland   Hongkong   Japan 日本国   Korea 대한민국   Malaysia   Nederland   New Zealand   Singapore    Schweiz | Suisse   Taiwan   United Kingdom   United States

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