Internship Program – Mid Term (1-3 years)

If you would like the opportunity to do more than just join a short-term team for a few weeks, then we have an internship program that will enable you to spend 1-3 years in Thailand. You can get involved in ministry, learn about missionary work and think through the next step in your journey with God. OMF Thailand’s internship program was established for people who are willing to join one of our ministry teams for a period of 1-3 years. Interns gain experience in ministry on the mission field and also receive training from experienced missionaries.

What are the goals?
– To provide ministry experience and on-the-job training in a cross-cultural setting.
– To help clarify whether God is leading you towards long-term work on the mission field.
– To assist OMF missionaries through participation in their ministries.
– To mobilise missionaries, pray-ers and supporters for Thailand.

Whom is the program for?
This program is for people who think that God may be leading them into cross-cultural ministry but are not clear on their future direction, or are not yet able to commit to a longer term involvement. It is an internship, so it is not really intended as a substitute for long-term mission involvement, but rather as a stepping stone toward that goal.

What qualifications do I need?
An interest in exploring the possibilities of long-term mission or full time ministry, and a willingness to learn.

We expect that most interns will not yet have theological training. At the end of the internship period, interns will be encouraged to return home to receive formal theological education before engaging in further ministry. Interns who have already completed theological training would have the option of converting to long-term membership with OMF.

What would I be doing?
As an intern, you would join one of OMF Thailand’s ministry teams and will be under the supervision of an experienced OMF missionary. As language ability allows, you would participate in a range of ministries that contribute to OMF’s work in Thailand. Ministries could include church planting, student work and children’s ministries.

Non-Thai speakers would undertake an initial study period of 3-9 months. This is required so that interns will live comfortably in Thailand, be prepared for some ministry involvement in Thai and gain a realistic insight into what is required for effective long-term mission.

You would also participate in training designed to develop your ability to minister in a cross-cultural setting.

Training is primarily “on-the-job” but also involves:
– development of biblical and theological understanding
– development of ministry skills (evangelism, teaching, relationships, leadership)
– spiritual growth

Come join us and be a part of what God is doing in Thailand! Check out some of the opportunities we are currently offering.

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However, we invite you to contact us with any question you have about serving with OMF Thailand. We will be happy to give you more information and to informally explore the possibilities with you. You may also contact individual missionaries, many of whom are praying for new workers in their areas.

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