International Language Day

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Today I heard a Bengali Christian encourage us to celebrate International Mother Language Day.

It has been celebrated worldwide for the past 20 years each February 21st.

The day encourages nations to give importance to their mother language along with different dialects to preserve their cultural identity.

My Bengali friend indicated that this day came into being through a situation in his own country of Bangladesh. He explained that his country, after the partition of India, became East Pakistan. However, there was pressure from Pakistan to make the Bengali people speak Urdu and due to numerous other factors, a war of independence in 1971 occurred in which 2 million Bengalis died. February 21st in 1952 was when 4 Bengali students in Dakha died due to a controversy over the Urdu and Bengali language.

After this talk, I began to reflect on some 30 languages that are spoken in Thailand and how necessary it is to try to reach the Thai and tribals in their mother tongues. Central Thai is the trade language for the 70 million within the country, but people respond most readily spiritually when they hear the gospel in the tongue their mother and father taught them.

Pray that our workers in Thailand will have facility in language and make efforts to reach their target groups in their heart language.

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