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If you asked people to define “pandemic” a few months ago most all would have struggled, but now everyone seems to understand how a disease can spread quickly to an entire nation and even world. Every day the media gives us a “doomsday” description of the potential harm from this virus as the numbers increase exponentially around our globe. However, I believe there is a potential for unusual good that can come from our present crisis. Here are eleven potentially positive takeaways that we could experience when this crisis subsides:
1. Increase in community spirit – We all have been finding new ways to connect, worship and work together.
2. Increase in technological savvy – Many churches, mission agencies and missionaries have dragged their heels in the past, but now of necessity are learning how the internet can be used to expand the kingdom.
3. Increase in concern for neighbors and disadvantaged in our societies
4. Increase in appreciation for health care workers who have sacrificed so much during this time.
5. Increase in health awareness – People will clearly see the benefits of staying healthy, exercise and diet as they look back on who has been most affected by this pandemic. People who put off health check-ups and vaccinations will be more aware of the benefits.
6. Increase in family connections – Despite all the disruptions in the workplace, many families, of necessity, are having to come together at home with the added bonus of having dad around more.
7. Increase in appreciation for things we took for granted, like the privilege of going to school or being able to eat out, hanging with friends, or working out at the gym. Even simple acts like being able to shake someone’s hand or giving a relative a hug will take on new meaning.
8. Increase in cooperation within government and political parties.
9. Increase in young people’s desire to work in the helping professions like medicine, research and social action.
10. Increase in handwashing! I always thought five seconds was sufficient but from now on I’m setting the timer for 20 seconds!
11. Increase in trust in God and His promises for believers and a renewed interest in the gospel as millions around our world see how bankrupt their religions, superstitions and philosophies have been during this time of crisis.

Larry Dinkins

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