May I Have a Bible, Please

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I have been enjoying teaching chronological Bible stories with third-year Education students at the student center. They have been coming to the center for a year now, and they are interested to learn about God. After our storytelling, we usually give them a set of questions for group discussion. I always enjoy listening to their answers and questions regarding the story.
A few days ago, after our Bible story, eight students came to us and asked for Bibles. They were so happy to receive the Bibles, and they even promised to read them. This summer, pray that I may able to follow up with these students. Their nicknames are Yussie, Fern, Minnesota, Karn, Gamma, Pink, Aom, and Front. Please include them in your prayers.
I am thankful to God for continuously bringing new students from different faculties to come to our student center. It is indeed a great opportunity for us to share the Gospel! On May 12, three new students joined our Bible story fellowship, and I was able to share the Gospel with them.


Arnie Suyu

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