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I had no idea what to expect when I observed my first English Club at The 180° Learning Center near the campus of Mahasarakham University. I was there to observe the ministry and to see if this was the place God was calling me to serve for my second term in Thailand. What I did know was that although there were nearly 40,000 students, there wasn’t a Christian ministry on campus because the number of Christian students was just too low. So with an open heart and open mind, I watched and listened to the students discuss the Bible story they had just heard. A Thai student named James shared openly that he didn’t like religion, wasn’t ever interested in it and didn’t believe in God. But since coming to the English Center and hearing about God’s love for him, he was becoming more interested in knowing about God. He said he is not sure he is ready to believe yet but he wants to know more. I was looking at someone “not far from the kingdom of God” as Jesus says in Mark 12:34! My heart soared with joy and I knew I wanted to be part of the faith journey of James and students like him who are seeking God even if they don’t know it!

Pray for James, who faithfully attends the activities at the learning center, and students like him who are learning about God’s love for the first time and are close to the kingdom of God!

Amy Cottle

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