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Our first few months at Walailak University has mainly been to build relationships and establish a presence on campus. One of the ways that we have been able to do this is through meeting the felt need of teaching English to both students and faculty.

We have had a few opportunities to share the gospel, but we have been wondering if  we were really making any headway and wondering if we should be re-evaluating our approach. But amazingly enough God gave us a wonderful confirmation to continue teaching English through a student.

Milk’ is a 4th year female university student we met through our English camp in January 2019 with the help of our short-term team. She recently contacted us to see if we were providing any more classes soon. She wanted to see if she could get some personal help with her English. We ended up arranging to have dinner together in order to discuss more about what we could do to help her English.

Milk brought her mentor Mr. M, as well. Over dinner we shared more about how we are Christian missionaries here in Thailand. Milk shared that she and her younger brother back home went to a Catholic school when she was younger, and so she was familiar with some aspects of Christianity. We said we would be happy to answer any questions about God if she was ever interested in hearing more. 

We enjoyed our time together greatly and Milk’s mentor Mr. M invited us to stay at his homestay up in the mountains next evening. Knowing in Thai culture that this type of invitation doesn’t always come easily unless there has been a relationship built or trust established, we quickly and happily accepted.

Driving back home after dinner, Dave and I were so thankful for this opportunity to meet and spend time with Milk and Mr. M. It’s been a while since we have had such an invitation to spend time with Thais in such a casual manner. We prayed that God would allow our relationship with them to grow so that we would have opportunity to share the gospel with them. Soon after we got home, Dave got a message from Milk expressing her interest in hearing more about God! We were both so amazed by this and quickly praised God for opening this amazing opportunity.

Please continue to pray for Milk and Mr. M as we continue to build our friendship and share the gospel with them.

Dave and Lila Chang

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