You know it’s hot season in Thailand when………..

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You know it’s hot season in Thailand when …

1. You are happy to go to immigration because it means a morning of sitting in air conditioning.
2. An hour after being washed, laundry is dry — even crispy. Ditto for dishes, minus the crispy part.
3. Recipe calls for melted butter? No microwave necessary. Five minutes on the counter will do.
4. Tap water is warm enough to proof the yeast.
5. You would like to give the person who discovered talcum powder a hug and a kiss.
6. [Insert here a comment regarding innerwear that the author is not brave enough to put in print.] 7. Shower time is your favorite part of the day.
8. The green bananas you bought that morning are ready to eat by evening.
9. Mangoes (multiple varieties, multiple flavors and textures) fill the market stands.
10. The roadsides are lined with yellow sentinels, the golden shower tree (Cassia Fistula Linn), standing tall and lovely in their glorious yellow garb.

They speak to me, those trees with their cascading golden flowers. It’s a rebuke, one I want to push away, but cannot. I want to be angry, frustrated, grumpy, and grumbly. After all, it’s hot. It’s so hot that I don’t want to take my children out to play. I don’t want to work, I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to do anything but find the nearest pool because the temperature in my house is over 100 degrees. Every. Day.

And then – those trees. Swaying in their splendor, startlingly yellow, some distinctively unbroken by green because, as the flowers emerge, all the leaves drop off.

Their beauty pierces my heart, elevates my soul, and I cry out in praise with the dusty, burning rocks along the 115-degree asphalt highway.

Brian & Bekah Farber

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