Kids club in a slum of Bangkok

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“So do we just go back?” I looked at my teammate, at a loss as to what to do.

It was supposed to be our first Kids’ Club at the community center of a slum. I was so excited that we had finally gotten the approval of the community leader to use the center. A number of children and I had been trying to get hold of the key to the center to no avail for the past 30 minutes. My heart sank. Everything prepared but the venue.

Then, my teammate made a suggestion, “What about getting a picnic mat? We could just use this part under the tree.” So began the search for a mat! It took a while but one child found 1 mat at home!

Finally, after more than 1 hour of fumbling around, we began our first Kids’ Club! Praise God for the provision of a mat and attentive students!

Riding on a high that our first Kids’ Club went well (after the hiccup with the venue), we were again excited to see the same group of kids the second week.

“No kids!” an elderly man living in the slum reported to us. After asking around, it was determined that this was true. Many of our students had gone for a last-minute activity arranged by a government-related organization. However, there were some other children who were still at home.

My teammate and I decided to wait it out on our picnic mat at our favourite shady spot. True enough, some children came to check us out, but from a distance. They would run away when we greeted them.

“What should we do now?” I whined.

“Pray!” smiled my teammate.

Prayer! Of course! How could I have forgotten the one essential element of ministry?

We prayed aloud for a while, asking God to bring these children to our Kids’ Club so that they can come to know of His wonderful love for us all. Not long after, 2 children came to sit down and talked to us. Then, 6 more came! God really moved the children’s hearts and taught me an important lesson yet again.


Fedora Teong

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