Dinner with Rose

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It`s evening and we are walking down a quiet street, only a few lanterns giving some light. Most of the houses are closed and look deserted. But as we come closer we see that there`s someone sitting in front of the little house a couple of meters away. The darkness we feel is not just because it`s evening – it`s the desolation of the place where she works. The sadness in her eyes. It`s the people stopping by who she`s working for. The humiliating feeling of how she is treated…
Rose doesn`t usually talk. She`s quiet. Answers questions only with a couple of words. She does not keep eye contact. There`s no small talk or easy laughter. But she`s friendly. And she seems happy seeing us. There are so many questions on our mind. So much insecurity in what to talk about. Guessing of how she feels. Helplessness.
But recently there have been glimpses of Rose opening up. Sharing, that her mom died and she doesn`t really have any family left. Those tears in her eyes when my friend asked her how she`s doing.
So we`ll keep going back to her and next time we will take dinner with us. We will sit in that dark street and have dinner with Rose and share our life’s.


Stefan & Brigitte Keller

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